Website SEO optimisation

Website SEO optimisation

Today a good looking, slick, and functional website is not enough. To product results its imperative that a web site is not only indexed by search engines, but that they occupy the forefront of results for search terms relating to the web sites area of activity.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process that should be carried out regularly to maintain your website, improve the indexing and ensure high positioning in search engines.

Do You have a website that does not appear in search engines?

We have a special proposal for you. Our team of experts in SEO and SEM will conduct a survey on your website for keywords, what your customers are searching for, and therefore why don't they reach your web site, who your competitors are that display in your desired positions and what policy they have taken to better detection.

Following a review and analysis you will receive a report which will include the findings of our team, as well as specific recommendations for revision of the website if necessary, adding specific keywords to the necessary places, building links and other actions that will improve your results in search engines. This report will include a proposal for the coverage and implementation of these actions by our team, without obliging you to take advantage of our services.

You want a new web site to be indexed well by search engines?

When we develop a new website for our customers it is designed with basic optimization from the ground up., This means that you get everything you need as a good start for indexing by search engines. New Web sites are being indexed by search engines within one - two months after being officially published. At that time, to raise your website popularity, you can focus on publishing online catalogs or paid advertising, to accelerate the process of indexing the web site. Selection of appropriate and well-known online catalogs is a service that we will be glad to offer you, as well as assistance with selection of keywords, which alone can boost your reach to your potential customers.