Web site visits

Web site visits

Paid advertising, free publications in online journals, forums, PPC - Google Adwords or Facebook advertising are just some of the methods that you can use to attract a bigger audience to your website, to make it popular and preferred by customers for products and services you provide.

Internet advertising, if targeted the right way, guarantees the campaign result and contributes to an increase in traffic and visits, but this is not the only way to achieve this.

Once an advertising campaign ends the number of visits to your site will start to decrease again. It is therefore necessary to undertake other activities to assist in attracting steady traffic, such as:

  • Regular publication of information on the website - useful information so that the customers are kept up-to-date and have a reason to regularly visit your website.
  • Inclusion in publications outside your web site to refer back to it
  • Organization of online games and promotions

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