Banner design and development

Banner design and development

Banners are one of the most commonly used tools for advertising on the web. With a few brief scenes featuring a promotion or product, they attract the attention of Internet users and help you quickly reach the objectives of a banner advertising campaign.

Today, Internet users are accustomed to standard banners and often ignore them. For this reason, each agency is entrusted with the onerous task to produce a banner ad that will effectively contribute to the successful transmission of advertisement.

The banners are divided into several types according to how they present information, but they all follow the requirements and standards set by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) related to the size of banners.

Before you request a banner design it is best if you have already defined a Web site where it will be displayed - advertisers' Web sites often have requirements for file size and the banner space in various sizes and locations on the web site.

Static banner

Increasingly rarely used, but still finds its use - this is a banner that does not have animated effects, but rather is presented as a picture. In this type of banner a picture of the product and advertising message are set.

Flash banner

This is an animated banner where through several scenes (frames) advertising messages are presented. Internet environment and technology provide opportunities for scenario implementation of creative and unconventional elements to attract more attention to the ad banner, consequently more clicks.

Dynamic banner

A unique service offered by Exsisto. Generally banners are made in a way they provide the same content throughout the campaign. Dynamic banners present different content at each refueling. So you have a chance to send the right content to the right users, and to provide more of your product portfolio.