Tapbits - iPhone applications development

A website

- project of Exsisto LTD - that introduces the

iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch applications

development services and the projects we have already developed.

Developing applications for mobile devices is widely sought service by customers all over the world as that note the iPhone/iPad invasion on the market.

Although our corporate website also presents the service, we decided to develop separate website specifically for this matter as this will provide our potential customers with the opportunity to know thoroughly everything about applications development - what is required, what will be used, how to formulate the idea for unique iPhone app.

We often advise our customers to market their popular product or service with separate, micro-website (often called Landing Page) as this provides the auditory with the ability to get the maximum useful information in a very intuitive way. This marketing approach guarantees good results and

return on web site investments


The Tapbits website itself is built on top of Wordpress and "Pixel" theme, which fully covers the need of small corporate website, focused on a specific product or service.  

Website design

was built by our designer team, in line with the vision, style and radiation that iPhone presented as colors, fonts and intuitive functionality.