As our client says "StartupAddict is a haven for entrepreneurial SuperHeros thwarting the forces of mediocrity. A place where no good idea is left behind. Where Big Ideas are forged into success".

StartupAddict is a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs to raise money for their startups and projects, developed by Exsisto Ltd.

We are proud to say that our team is experienced in development of crowdfunding platforms, and this of course provides extra added value for our customers. Knowing the mechanism of this business machine is one step forward advantage for our clients.

As we develop crowdfuning platform we needed to address both parties of a business deal - the entrepreneurs and the startups and make sure that each side will discover the right place for funding or sharing the project idea. We tend to put ourselves in the shoes of each side and try to understand: What will be important for each side - what does an enterpreneur need in order to invest, and what does a startup needs to share his idea? Trust! And since the platform is the connection between both sides, it has to inspire trust and clear procedures, rules and everything to ensure that this web site is trustworthy. 

Smooth design, whit less graphic elements but very nice color combination for achieving intelligent business vision.

Other key element is structuring and presenting the information in a way that will allow each person to find in a matter of seconds the details needed.

The result at the end: Perfect platform where good ideas meet the right people!