Two years later, again we were delighted to work on the Persy's website. To adequately demonstrate to its audience that the company is growing, Persy have made a website update. The changes are mostly related to refreshing Web site design and implementation of some innovations, which are characteristic of today's online product catalogs.

We left the website's design baseline untouched, which, although implemented two years ago remains relevant and up to today, by adding topical nowadays teaser, which successfully draws attention to Persy's desired topic, product or article.

The teaser is a tool that provides a short message to consumers about current promotions, products and other important topics in several different, successively refillable pictures through photographs and short text located in the center of the front page of the website.

We also implemented some functional elements, such as a filter for more detailed search of products that is consistent with the characteristics of various product ranges. The filter is dynamic, managed by the website's administrator and significantly facilitates the audience. Thanks to it, now users will be able to filter products by price and other parameters such as memory, number of disks and many others.

Other essential complement, namely the introduction of full English language version of the web site facilitates Persy's team in servicing foreign-language clients and partners.