Exsisto Ltd developed an e-shop for Artec 92 Ltd - a company dealing with full range of textile products for home, hotels, restaurants and others.

Dilios is the brand name of the company. Detailed information for the high quality of the products, different colors, designs and the sizes available is presented in the eshop, where each visitor is able to find the right products he is looking for.

As we often say - each client must be treated individually, according to his needs, and those of his clients. This project makes no exception. In the sales of textile products there are specifics that must be reflected, like for instance the fact that linens are sold in different sizes and each size has different price.

When designing the web site we aimed at stylish and cosy vision. Warm colors combined with soft shapes are key elements in developing smooth of an intuitive web site.

Of course an e-shop can't exist without a CMS (content management system) which we have developed especially for Dillios web shop.

The statistics says that the most successful internet advertising is the mailing campaign.Willing to present another successful tool in the hands of our customer, we have applied an option for newsletter subscription, where each visitor will be able to provide his email address and receive news related to the Dillios products.