Crowdcube - a revolutionary way for funding and investments!

Established in 2010 Crowdcube is a new generation company presenting a web platform where entrepreneurs meet people with interesting ideas, projects or products. The realization of each project or idea is estimated at given amount and everyone can invest as much as he is able to.

Crowdfunding is an exciting new way for gathering enough resources for a project as it is easier for more people to invest little, than for one to provide the whole amount required.

Exsisto Ltd was happy to develop the web site connecting the investor and the owner of the idea.

When we have to create a web site where people are investing their money, we need to present all the information they'll need in a proper way. Therefore we set main points to be followed in development of the web site as:

  • The web site have to ensure the investors and the people willing to share their idea
  • The web site must present very clearly the information and the proceedings
  • To ease the meetings between the investors and the entrepreneurs
  • At last but not least - it should be intuitive and easily operated by visitors and administrators.

Achieving these goals requires a stylish web design allowing easy navigation and finding all the information a visitor needs.