Crowdfunding - a revolutionary way to raise funds

The crowdfunding approach is a new kind of financing where a group of people contribute financially towards a cause or an idea. is the place where people with good ideas but no funds are meeting people willing to invest in fun and rewarding ideas.

The web site services both parts of the crowd funding process - it allows the project creator to pitch and sell their idea to the crowd and on the other side  it enables the funder to browse among all ideas and give money to the one they like the most.

Each idea has an target for the funding required to complete the project. The "Crowd" then fund each idea by pledging small amounts of money and over time the total builds up until the target is met.

To present the concept perfectly Exsisto Ltd developed an intuitive web design, with a very clear and simple but effective layout. Its implementation provides an extremely quick and powerful interface allowing visitors to easily find and fund projects.