Chippa Baby

In certain moment of the life of a baby and its parents comes the time when different foods and tastes must be presented.

Of course feeding and presenting first foods to the baby must be done in a specific way, where some parents are not very clear of how and what should be done. Chippa Baby is an iPhone application aimed to support those families and help them in providing good food in the right moment for their babies.

There is nothing more helpful for each parent like choosing from their iPhone or iPod Touch what to cook for the baby today, according to his age or what products you might have in the fridge.

The Chippa Baby application presents different recipes for home cooked meals, good for kids at different ages, carefully considered with the feeding needs in the stages of their growth.

Correct feeding starts from the firsts months of a baby and each parent realizing the importance of this fact is searching the best for their child. And what could be better than fresh, home made tasty meal.

With Chippa Baby you can have a weekly menu, as well as feeding timetables and other advices to help the parents in this new stage of baby's life.

Beautifully crafted design in pastel colors will give you additional pleasure when browsing the application.

Additonal information for this app you can find at its web site, also developed by Exsisto.