iPhone and iPad Applications Development

Exsisto Ltd. is one of the first web agencies to offer the "iPhone Applications Development" service worldwide. Now we are proud to offer the "iPad Applications Development" service too.

With the advent of the iPhone/iPad the world of mobile technology has changed completely. With iPhone's (and iPad's) Touch screen and accelerometer users get much more mobile. When we add the possibility to use a variety of useful applications and games to these circumstances, the iPhone/iPad becomes a new channel of communication that your customers use every day.

Exsisto Ltd. has gained vast experience in the manufacture of a variety of applications, but programming for the iPhone/iPad has features that should be taken into account in order to achieve intuitive, pleasant to use and successful implementation.

For example, the layout design must comply with the size of the iPhone or the iPad, which actually places restrictions and requirements for development of functional applications. The basic requirement is to provide better graphics without any loss of information.

Our team of developers, specialists in the area and designers will develop the necessary administration for you, no matter whether it is up to rewrite or adjust your application, so that it is compatible with the iPhone/iPad platform, or for making a new application on your idea.

Applications that we have developed vary in different areas such as:

  • iPhone and iPad games
  • Business applications, sales
  • Applications related to production
  • Integration of Web Services
  • Processing of Web applications and Web sites for iPhone and iPad
  • Graphic design for iPhone applications - icons, charts, screens application
  • iPhone and iPad animations
  • Bluetooth applications
  • Other related to a specific idea or requirement of the client

For iPhone and iPad applications development, our team used technology such as:

  • iPhone Software Development Kit
  • Cocoa Touch / Objective C
  • Xcode IDE
  • Interface Builder
  • Open GL ES
  • Open AL
  • Audio Video Foundation Framework
  • core Graphics
  • Bonjour Web
  • XML Parsing
  • others

Have a website or online store? Contact us to develop a version for the iPhone/iPad which can reach new audiences, new market where you could quickly prove as a provider of services or products. Our team of consultants will be happy to advise you free of charge about the opportunities that you could use for making your application.