About us

Exsisto - meaning ‘to emerge’ in Latin,  is the name of a team of experienced and motivated IT professionals with extensive knowledge of programming from microcontrollers to web marketing.

Commitment to the client's goals is the underlying basis of our business practices. We apply and implement solutions and services quickly and efficiently in terms of cost and performance.

Recognizing the growing need for reliable and successfully implemented Web and Internet services Exsisto apply proven approaches and solutions drawn from the practices of modern software technologies.
We offer a wide range of services that allow you or your business to gain competitive advantages and improvements.

Our continuous process of acquiring new technologies and innovative concepts allow Exsisto's team to acquire substantial knowledge of modern software engineering and information technologies which has ensured the success of our customers using our  online web and telecommunication solutions.
With a UK based sales and marketing hub, we operate several technical and development centres in entral Europe.

Exsisto offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions  including web sites and applications, web hosting services, bespoke software, , Internet telephony and communications.

* exsisto: to stand forth, to emerge, appear, exist, be, arise