The UK press for a project developed by Exsisto


The UK press for a project developed by Exsisto

Recently released by Exsisto web site project - caught the attention of the UK press.

The Independent, The Telegraph and Guardian published online articles describing the new concept of funding and investing, known as Crowdfunding. is one of the first web crowdfunding platforms in UK. The web site gives an opportunity for someone with good idea or product to present it, together with the amount required for its development or production. On the other side are the people willing to invest in a good idea with fair chance for a good return on their investment.

What is best for both sides is that actually an investor can fund a project with an amount he is able to invest, as no minimums or maximums had been set. This way several people's investments could turn an idea into working business.

Though recently released the web site is getting very popular each day and our team is happy for being able to contribute the successful development of the project.

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